We have established a portfolio of clients in the community and voluntary sector, with whom we have worked to clarify their technology objectives and needs, review their operating environment, and explore their strategies and actions. Many organisations benefit from a review of their technology performance and identification of new directions. Our work with organisations evaluates new and emerging technology options and provides the practical support to address and implement them.

We know the jargon, but we speak in English

Our consultancy service works closely with you and your staff to identify how new and emerging technologies can bring real benefits to your activities.

Our aim is to deliver a better solution than you anticipated.

Our experience of working with enlightened clients shows that our creative thinking not only stimulates curiousity but also promotes divergence.

Result? Innovative solutions

We undertake short and medium term research projects, generally exploring relationships between rural communities and their use of technologies. Whilst we do not prepare funding bids we do help communities to identify appropriate sources of funding for technology or learning based projects. Typically, a research project will include desk and interview techniques. We also undertake audit and evaluation projects.

We can carry out feasibility studies or market research to identify ideas and opportunities for rural projects. This can be an extremely useful, preliminary step prior to commiting to major initiatives.

Projects and new developments involving rural communities will require business planning. Failing to plan is almost guarantees planning to fail! We have substantial experience of producing business plans to help guide projects to successful fruition and if necessary, secure appropriate funding. We can also offer support for project management and implementation.

Some TalkingHat projects
Northumberland County Council
Community Forums - Web Presence Research [Download] [PDF 240kb]

One Voice Network, Voluntary Sector Academy

Feasibility Study [Download the executive summary] [PDF 95kb]
Feasibility Study [Download the full report] [PDF 526kb]

Tynedale Council
Community Web Site Evaluation [Download the report] [PDF 359kb]
Community Web Site Guidelines
[Download the report] [PDF 421kb]


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