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One thing, as they say, leads to another and for us this is no exception. Because we take pride in establishing close working relationships with our clients, we are often asked to do other additional work. Increasingly these requests have been to provide, in an ad hoc form, a degree of technical support. We appreciate that very few of our clients want to commit themselves to an annual contract, so our offering is on an 'on demand' or 'pay as you use' basis at very low rates for existing clients and reasonable rates for new ones.

Typically, clients have asked us to help them with designing PowerPoint presentations, selecting and purchasing appropriate software applications for particular tasks and troubleshooting broadband installations and wireless networks. We have undertaken informal, on-demand training for indivduals and groups of staff and from time to time have installed software.

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Useful references

Microsoft DirectX V9.0 Required (Windows XP) for multi format file support (31MB).

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 Recommended for Windows XP.

Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Recommended for Windows Vista

Third Party AVI to VideoCD Encoder VideoCD conversion program to make CDs that will play in DVD players (0.5MB).

Virtual Edit Inexpensive, sophisticated video editing software

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