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Recent TalkingHat projects

One Voice Network, Voluntary Sector Academy

Feasibility Study [Download the executive summary] [PDF 95kb]
Feasibility Study [Download the full report] [PDF 526kb]

Tynedale Council
Community Web Site Evaluation [Download the report] [PDF 359kb]
Community Web Site Guidelines
[Download the report] [PDF 421kb]

Web sites
Mid Tyne Business Forum
Hexham Morris Dancers
DJ and SJ Recycling Ltd
Eggerwatch community
Hexham Local History Society

Hexham Community Partnership

Jettison Ornament (In progress August 2010)
The Basil Bunting Poetry Award
DIY Probate (In progress August 2010)
AA2A (Artists' Access to Art College)
AA2A Social Networking
DJ & SJ Recycling (In progress August 2010)
Core Music CIC
Tynedale Business Centres
Sandhoe Community
608030 (SixtyEightyThirty)
Tynedale Hospice
Daniel Dahl - Artist (in progress August 2010)
Volunteering Tynedale
Hexham Town Council
Acomb Parish Council
Corbridge Parish Council
Elaine Rodger - Health Development Consultant
Georgia Rodger - Sculptor
Camberwell Sculpture Degree Course Students
Valley Textiles
Gateway into the Community
Riverside Leisure
Cow Gum Tribute
Wylam Garage (prototype, speculative)
e-Liter8 (prototype e-learning materials)

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