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Our standards

We take great pride in our reliability. Once we have agreed a brief and the scope of the work, we will deliver what we have promised on time and within budget.

Our communication with you will be full and frank. When you ask for our recommendations or advice, we will give you the full picture, albeit based on your requirements. We will not hide any difficulties or issues that may affect the scope of the work.

We start by getting a thorough understanding of the needs of the project. To enable us to get a clear and comprehensive picture, you will need to invest some of your time in talking to us.

Anything we learn about your organisation will be treated with respect. If we need to know, or you volunteer any commercial or sensitive information we will treat it in absolute confidence. If there is a need to discuss it with others for the benefit of the project, we will obtain your agreement in advance.

If, during the course of a project, any problems emerge we will be open with you, and invite you to work with us to find an appropriate solution.

We avoid conflicts of interest in our work. If we identify that a new project will have implications for an existing one, we will alert you to this and we may decline the work.

Our primary route to success is to get the right outcome for our clients.

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